Quinceanera Info

Hispanic girls look forward to their quinceanera for good reasons.  The two-part festivity marks their transition from childhood to womanhood, a joyous rite of passage observed in Western and Eastern cultures albeit at different times (e.g., sweet sixteen, eighteenth debut) in different ways.

It is, indeed, a glamorous time for a young lady’s life!  But glamour has its fair share of challenges that must be overcome before the party begins. This is where the fiesta de quince anos party planning tips, suggestions, and recommendations of GlamorousQuinceanera.com come in.

Grand Affair

 Nowadays, the quinceanera has become a grand affair filled with food and drinks, music and dance, toasts and tributes, and smiles and laughter all around.  Parents like you have planned for their daughters’ quinces for years while your daughter has probably dreamed of hers since she became aware of the tradition.

Such a grand affair brings together family, both immediate and extended, as well as friends who have made their mark on your daughter’s life so far.  Let’s just say that the quince is not just a celebration of maturity for your daughter but an expression of gratitude for the people who contributed to her upbringing.

But that’s not all either.  The quinceanera is also about bringing your family closer to God and to the community – God through the Holy Mass that precedes the reception and the community via the party.  No other social coming-of-age celebration combines these two aspects in a single event!

Fiesta Vibe

 Fiestas are beloved traditions in Hispanic countries, which influence the fiesta vibe of any quinceanera party. In keeping with it, you must plan the party with a fiesta mood complete with the:

  • Delicious food and drinks served in a formal dinner with waiters or in a buffet
  • Traditional and modern music especially waltz. Your daughter and her father graces the dance floor for their first dance (el bals) followed by your daughter and her court of honor dancing an elaborate waltz. Of course, your daughter, the quince girl, and your guests can dance to modern music like pop, rock  and disco.
  • Themed decorations in the reception venue.  Your daughter can choose from a wide range of themes for her big day – vintage, princess, and Hollywood are just a few choices.  You and your daughter can then design her save-the-date and invitation cards, her party favors, and her quinceanera gown based on the chosen theme.

With overflowing food and drinks, beautiful decorations, and lively music, your daughter’s fifteenth birthday is truly a fiesta in the neighborhood!

Like a fiesta, too, the party must be preceded by a Holy Mass.  Prayer is a must for the party to begin although the level of emphasis on prayer over party differs between families.

Each family will have traditions of their own, too, which others may find unique.  For example, you may choose to give the ceremonial gifts of the crown or tiara, bible or prayer book, and cross-themed jewelry in church while others may choose to do so at the reception.

Whatever your traditions regarding the quinceanera, your daughter sees it as an opportunity to express her glamorous side as a young woman – let her be without breaking your bank account.  Find cost-saving tips for a glamorous party here!